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All You Need To Know About Google Office

Google Office – Google is the search engine and information giant that helped transform the internet and make it an integral part of our daily lives. The company has offices worldwide, and most have a special charm that makes them unique and great!

Google Headquarters has many features that make it a better workplace for every employee. Everything is thought out, from the design to the installations, so everyone can be happy working with the company.

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What do You need To Know About Google Office?

At the end of 2017, Google Inc. had more than 88,000 full-time employees in the United States and elsewhere. The company is considered one of the best places to work worldwide, and its employees consistently show high job satisfaction.

You’ll know why if you’ve ever taken a Google Office tour. One of the reasons is the workspace. Google offers office amenities and perks that make every employee look forward to working. For example, Google’s headquarters in Mountain View is renowned for the quality of life of its employees.

It will probably not be easy to identify with it. In addition to the free snacks, meals, and drinks standard at all Google offices, this workplace offers additional perks for its employees. This includes free shuttle service, frequent holiday parties, and financial planning classes.

Also, car wash, massage therapy, dry cleaning, hairdressing, bicycle repair, credit union, dry cleaning, auto oil change, fitness classes, sauna, outdoor volleyball court, cooking classes, and fitness facilities. Gym, a roller hockey game in the parking lot and more.

What Sets Google Offices Around The World Apart?

There is something cool and different not only in our headquarters but also in other places. You will see high-tech features if you visit Google Office in Ann Arbor. Google Ann Arbor has a video conferencing tool that connects Michigan employees with Google employees in Dublin and Mountain View.

There is also a breastfeeding room complete with a complimentary cappuccino machine with flavoured syrup, a mechanical massage chair, and a refrigerator to store your expressed breast milk. Laundry facilities, a games room and an on-site wellness centre, are also available. Employees can even take their dogs to work!

Google offices in different locations are great too! Whether rock climbing in Washington, soccer fields and ping pong or the secret space of Google’s Ontario office, the company undoubtedly creates some of the most beautifully designed creatives worldwide.

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What Can We Learn From Google’s Workplace Design?

Your office may look great, but there are several reasons why you decide to design your office this way. Google Office offers many great features to make your job easier. Here’s how Google uses it to make their office the happiest, most productive one in the world.

Encourage Collaboration.

Take a tour of our offices, and you will see that the workspace fosters collaboration. Unlike outdated office structures, it provides physical space in the workplace to increase employee motivation. Studies have shown that this type of office design can increase productivity by up to 15%.

Promotes Accidental Collisions

You’ve probably heard that life at Google isn’t always about work. Google’s unconventional workspace design contributes to this culture. The workspace is planned to focus more on the employees. Second, the culture of accidental collisions promoted by Google encourages creativity and increased productivity.

Stimulate Creativity

Every workspace in Google offices worldwide encourages creativity and social interaction among its members. Everything from decorations and hallways to paint colours is carefully analyzed so that we can design the perfect workspace for our employees.

Some of our offices look alternative if you tour our offices. The company has designed offices to enhance employee performance, from real New York apartment-style meeting spaces to office greens in Dublin to beach volleyball courts in California.

How to Visit Google Headquarters?

So how do you visit Google Headquarters or another location? Unfortunately, Mountain View does not have Google Campus Tours or Googleplex Tours. The only way to look inside the office is to ask a friend or someone who works there to come with you.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Google offices are undoubtedly one of the coolest workspaces in the world. Not only is it cool, but it’s designed to encourage productivity and creativity in your employees.

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