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Driveline Charter Apps – Configuration And More

Driveline Charter Apps Software Suite. Written for schools necessitating a better way to handle student pickup. Driveline Dispatch is the school staff’s application to enter family IDs into the driveline system.

How it works: Vehicles drape boards in their window with numbers indicating the families they pick up. The staff member arrives the family ID’s into the iPod Touch or iPhone using this app. Within an instant, a computer screen or projector will show the kids’ names in the classroom representative where they should go to find their awaiting vehicle—no more kids wandering the parking lot looking for their car. No more kid’s sitting in classrooms waiting for their name or number to call over a static-ridden two-way radio and then missing their number. Instead, the software tracks every family ID entered and sends those IDs out to each classroom instantly.

Installation and Configuration of Driveline Charter Apps

While the school may use the web version of Driveline Dispatch on a mobile device, a much better experience can be achieved on an Apple IOS device using the native IOS app. The Driveline Dispatch app can be downloaded and installed from the App store right from your IOS device.  The IOS device must be configured for network access before continuing. Verify network connection is working by accessing an Internet site ( using the Safari application. To install Driveline Dispatch IOS onto your Apple device, perform the following steps: 1. Installation of Driveline Dispatch accomplished via the Apple App Store. From the App Store application, search for Driveline Dispatch and then select install. 2. After installing the application, configure the Dispatch software by going to Settings – > Driveline: i. Settings: ii. Once in Driveline Configuration, enter the Server, login, and the password you received in your welcome letter.

Weather Protection for Driveline Dispatch

If you are unsure what the weather will be like during driveline, click the weather app on the iPod Touch, and you’ll find out! If it s going to rain, snow, or be cold out, here are a couple of tips to help the staff through the weather. Keeping your iPod Touches or iPhones dry in the rain can be challenging. However, Charter Apps has tested a weather-tight cover for these devices and found them to work great. Below is a link to the surfaces. With these covers, you can operate Driveline Dispatch while the iPod Touch is inside the case.

Sports- drydock- Digi- x- case In addition to protecting the IOS device, hands can get cold! Not to worry, many companies make gloves with a conductive fabric that allows you to use Driveline Dispatch while wearing the gloves. Charter Apps has tested out a pair of gloves by Northface, and they work wonderfully.


Driveline charter apps are an innovative solution to the end-of-day traffic problems for charter and independent schools. Easy, safe, and efficient. Driveline software improves student pickup for schools by managing the school’s release process. Controlling the traffic flow increases safety and improves conditions for parents, students, teachers, and the community.

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