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Alphalete Marketing – Aim, Services, and More in 2022

What is Alphalete Marketing?

Alphalete Marketing is a direct marketing and sales company with locations in both Irving & Dallas, Texas. Each participant of our company’s ultimate goal is to manage the account they are working with. Therefore, we provide our customers with the very best personnel. Each team member is highly motivated to deliver a personal representation to meet that account’s needs.

About Alphalete Marketing

About Alphalete Marketing

Alphalete Marketing was started in August 2015 by our C.E.O., Rafael Hidalgo. Carlos Hidalgo, Rafael’s twin brother, decided to partner up with Rafael 7 months later. Together the brothers operated an office in Waterloo, Iowa, and Maumee, Ohio. In September 2017, Rafael expanded the Alphalete Brand into Arlington, Texas. Carlos soon joined Rafael along with Khalil Mansour in February 2018, leaving Maud Miller as head of the Alphalete office in Maumee.

The company now operate market throughout the South and North Western United States with plans of expansion in 2020.Zachary Hogue and Alexander Zelm joined our Arlington office in June 2020. The Alphalete headquarter office at our Dallas-Fort Worth location saw rapid growth within its first year and saw need for more growth in south. As a result, Maud decided to leave Ohio location and start our site in Corpus Christi in February 2019. Maud grew and developed Corpus location rapidly and, at the beginning of 2020, joined Rafael, Carlos, and Khalil in Dallas, Texas, to run the Alphalete headquarters operationIt is leading full-service marketing company providing customer with new direct-to-consumer shopping experience. Our goals generally include:

Alphalete is a leading full-service marketing company providing customers with a new direct-to-consumer shopping experience. Our goals generally include:

  • Loyalty restructuring in the merchandising industry.
  • Revolutionize the sales and marketing programs of Fortune 100 companies to increase customer loyalty.
  • Representing the best brands in the home entertainment industry.
  • Alphalete uses teamwork to break down the company vision into individual goals and achieve organizational goals.

Aim of Alphalete Marketing

Our aim here at Alphalete Marketing is modest. We aim to positively impact every individual that we come into contact with. Alphalete Marketing is started on the belief that each individual’s success is attained through the help of others. Our objective is to inspire people to dream, learn, be, and ultimately give more. We are consistently growing and changing and learning in this cutthroat marketing industry we are currently immersed in. Alphalete Marketing firmly believes in not tearing another empire down. We aim only to succeed in structuring our empire. We will never miscalculate the impact that we, as Alphalete, can have on someone’s life, and the best savings we can make is in people.

Alphalete Marketing Services

Alphalete Marketing is a direct marketing and sales company based in DFW, Texas. Our team prides itself on managing each client’s accounts as positively as possible. Therefore, we offer our clientele the very top people. Each of our team associates is highly motivated to deliver a personal representation explicitly catered to meet that account’s needs and exceed our client’s expectations. We aim to give our prestigious clientele the best in promotion, sales, classifying, promotions, and marketing for their company outline. If you’re observing to take your firm to the next level, look no further; you’ve found the most motivated group dedicated to bringing you there.

What Does Alphalete Marketing Do?

Alphalete Marketing focuses entirely on establishing and training a team of outsourced sales and marketing professionals. As a result, we can build and develop strong working connections with our client’s customers by working face-to-face with them and establishing trust, which is the foundation of every successful business and sales transaction.

Training Provided by Alphalete Marketing

Yes! We feel that an informed, competent staff has gotten us to where we are now as the leader in marketing and sales. In addition, we are proud of our management training and promise to produce upcoming leaders. Therefore, we are happy to offer a paid training gathering that includes marketing, sales, entry-level organization, customer service, and advertising actions.

Why Is Alphalete Marketing Method of Marketing More Operative Than Others?

Various additional marketing organizations allow us to meet and develop client relationships in person and build long-term relationships. Our clients rely on customer retention to grow their business, and we can ensure this with our proven marketing plan. In addition, our marketing strategies are proven to increase efficiency and production for our clients, which is why we are currently working with some of the top business leaders in the country.


Alphalete Marketing is a private Brand Marketing & Management Firm; we have partnered with some of the most well-known Fortune 100 and 50 clients within the technology, entertainment, television, security, utility, energy, and government telecommunication industries.

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