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The Volkswagen brand (translated as “people’s car”) belongs to the Volkswagen AG concern, along with such brands as Audi, Bugatti, Porsche, Bentley, SEAT, etc. The German company that produces Volkswagen cars is one of the leaders in the global car market. In the minds of many buyers, Volkswagen cars are associated with unsurpassed German quality and reliability. Moreover, the optimal cost of Volkswagen, its elegant design, and impressive technical features. As a result, VW makes this brand one of the most sought-after in the world.

History of Volkswagen

The founder of the German brand Volkswagen is the great engineer Ferdinand Porsche, who named the legendary car brand Porsche AG. It all started in 1934 when Ferdinand Porsche received a government order to develop a model of a passenger car for the middle class, in other words, the ordinary people. It took the engineer three years to design and test the ordered model before it went into mass production. Nevertheless, Volkswagen VW30, whose name in translation means “people’s car,” caused considerable admiration from engineers and drivers and even made it to the pages of the New York Times. The journalists of a well-known newspaper called the VW30 a “beetle” for its resemblance to an insect. A successful comparison later became the second name of the legendary car Ferdinand Porsche.

The plant, founded in May 1938 in Wolfsburg, became the largest in Europe and fully corresponded to the required production capacity of the “people’s car.”

Management of Volkswagen

Management of Volkswagen

In 1948, the management of Volkswagen changed radically: Heinrich Nordhoff became the head of the company. Under his influence, the Volkswagen lineup was replenished with convertibles and limousines, and a car maintenance network was developed in Germany and abroad.

The worldwide fame of VW cars led to the need to open factories in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and Mexico. By the mid-60s, Volkswagen had become such a robust enterprise that it could acquire Audi by buying it from Daimler-Benz. The created concern Volkswagen-Audi (VAG) eventually included the Spanish brand SEAT and the Czech Skoda.

Production of Volkswagen

In 1975, the production of the Polo sedan began, and five years later, the Jetta subcompact.

During the 90s, the Vento and Sharan models, the comfortable Bora sedan, and the new generation Passat appeared in the Volkswagen lineup.

In 2002, the famous SUV Volkswagen Touareg made its debut at the Paris Motor Show, which competed with the super popular BMW X5.

Is Volkswagens Reliable?

Volkswagen has been out of Germany for years now and is sold all over the world. The company is said to produce 11 million cars annually, which speaks very loudly of their reliability. However, VW placed 22 out of 29 spots in the reliability rankings, which surprised us. So where did the scale come from, and who beat them?

What are the Most Reliable Volkswagen Models?

Whether you want an SUV or hatchback, there’s a reliable Volkswagen model for everyone.

The Tiguan SUV is made for families. But there are also iconic compact sedans, including the Golf, and sleek sedans like the Passat and Jetta.


Tiguan features a distinctive design with clear, well-sculpted lines and thoughtful details, such as the LED daytime running lights feature.

4MOTIVE active steering allows you to adapt the car to drive in all weather conditions. In addition, you will find the practical Car-Net Destination Import navigation system.


Besides the Volkswagen Beetle, the Golf is probably the brand’s most iconic and popular car model. The latest version of this model is equipped with advanced driver-assistance features that make every journey safe and easy.

The R-Line features sporty touches in the interior and exterior design, including uniquely shaped bumper spoilers, grille, and side skirts. In addition, the Golf Alltrack has a 4MOTION system and an off-road feature ideal for driving down steep and bumpy inclines.


Passat is one of the most stylish Volkswagen sedans. It is made for people who are always on the go yet need a luxurious feel to make their trip enjoyable.

It has all of the innovative tech features of other VW models, and the latest versions of the car have been updated with ambient interior lighting and a design that gives it an even more spacious look.4


The Jetta is a mid-size sedan that offers excellent value for money. Its timeless design has classic appeal with a sleek and streamlined profile.

The  Jetta offers excellent gas mileage and a spacious cabin with an entire entertainment system.

This front-wheel drive car may have lower safety features than other cars in its class but offers a smooth, comfortable ride.


The Volkswagen group’s target is to be the world’s most victorious, engaging, and sustainable automaker. Also, the Volkswagen Group is one of the top automotive companies because it has particular strengths and favorable opportunities to improve its operational management.

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