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All About Taps and Apps Brewpub


Taps & Apps Brewpub is the only Brewpub in downtown Oahu. Open in 2015. The family-run property is located on The Gateway in Mililani Mauka Shopping Center, just off the H-2 Interstate Road. The result of a dream that owners Randy and Myrline Overton envisioned for more than 25 years. Its neighborhood business venture is now one that has the entire family on board.

How Many Family Members are Involved in Taps & Apps Brewpub

How Many Family Members are Involved in Taps & Apps Brewpub

Chris Overton, his eldest son, got a call from his parents. They had found the perfect place for their business in 2014. And he moved back home with his then-fiance, Monica Graziano-Overton, to get married and support building the Brewpub Taps & Apps from scrape. Now running the pub as Brewmaster/General Manager, Chris oversees the production of the house’s beers, craft beer/bottle selections, and general operations. Monica, the Assistant General Manager/Beverage Manager, oversees the front operations of the house. Including promotions, marketing, and also event planning.

Jon, the second oldest son, is the operations manager, providing critical support for all aspects of the brewer. In many roles, from Brewer Assistant, Food Server/Bartender, to product research and development. Daughter Tiana, an artist based in Toronto, Canada, is credited with creating the Taps & Apps logo and murals displayed throughout the Brewpub. To complete the family is executive chef and also cooking master Mike Fuji. Who expertly makes unique and tasty snacks and luxury pub dishes from scratch.

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Why is Taps & Apps Brewpub Famous?

Taps & Apps Brewpub has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that can accommodate everything from large groups to intimate meetings. Watch the two brothers through a large window as they work brewing beer using a unique Nano brewing system, or take a seat at the entire bar. With specialty drinks, beer cocktails, and also bottled craft beers. And also a giant “social table” that houses many board games.

The brewery’s kitchen offers a specialized menu with simple, unique, delicious snacks. Taps & Apps burgers, a favorite in pubs, are ground fresh daily. Customers appreciate fresh, local flavors intertwined with classic haute cuisine and many contemporary options. For an affordable, high-quality dining experience, Taps & Apps is an exciting new destination for the nearby community and those who would typically travel to Waikiki or downtown Honolulu for this type of experience.

In Taps & Apps Brewpub they A fun Station?

At Taps & Apps, guests can enjoy a fun and relaxed pub atmosphere during the day. During a typical week. Evening entertainment at the beer bar can range from a lively DJ Trivia game to fine whiskey tastings on Wednesdays to relax. And they are also enjoying the entertaining vibrations of a local band or musical artist. Karaoke, Burger Madness Mondays, Tequila and Taco Tuesdays, Whiskey Wednesday, and also Martini nights are just a few things happening. Always without a coverage fee. And while it’s not formally a sports bar, Tap & Apps has six TVs and a big screen for football season and big game days.

Enjoy tropical breezes and mountain sunsets on the large outdoor terrace while exploring the menu of 36 craft beers on tap or house cocktails. Can’t you decide on a beer? Try a flight! The brewery offers a paddle of beer with its choice of four of the 36 draft beers. Take home a 64-ounce growler that can remain stuffed with any of your favorite craft beers, or bring your own to recharge.


The Taps & Apps management team and expert staff take pride and fun in their ability to come together to present exciting events throughout the year for their customers and hope to make their experience the best it can remain. The above article is also helpful for looking for Taps & Apps Brewpub.

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