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What is a Helio (wireless carrier)?

Helio (wireless carrier) Initially, a 50/50 venture supported in the Gregorian calendar month, 2005, between South Korean wireless operator SK medium and yank web services supplier EarthLink, early losses caused EarthLink to prevent providing extra funding in the fall of 2007.
Though SK medium pledged to support Helio in public, SK medium entered into talks to sell the corporate to rival MVNO Virgin Mobile USA. Virgin Mobile USA closed the acquisition of Helio and its 170,000 subscribers on August 22, 2008. Virgin Mobile USA exited the prepaid wireless business and retired the Helio complete on could 25, 2010.


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1.5 Early monetary losses

1.6 Change of possession and control

1.7 Acquisition via way of means of Virgin Mobile USA

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1.9 Helio comeback

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Foundation and Strategy Helio (wireless carrier)

SK Telecom was hoping to develop its patron base withinside the United States because of the stagnant boom in its saturated domestic marketplace of South Korea. Helio control believed that Helio should immediately avoid taking over the predominant US wi-fi vendors by focusing on price-insensitive, technology-savvy consumers.[4][6] EarthLink and SK Telecom agreed to offer preliminary spherical financing totalling $440 million, with every associate owning 50% of the joint venture.

Service Release and Marketing Helio (wireless carrier)

When Helio first commenced imparting carrier thru a tender release in May 2006. Initially, a maximum of the merchandising became completed through phrase of mouth and at promotional activities held throughout the country. On July 13, 2006, Helio commenced strolling TV classified ads with the slogan, “Don’t Call Us a Phone Company; Don’t Call it a Phone.” Helio additionally started marketing and marketing on billboards, withinside the print media. In particular in magazines that serve the 18-32 demographic, and on MySpace. In addition, Helio opened 5 company flagship shops in Cherry Creek, Colorado, New York, New York, Palo Alto, San Diego and Santa Monica, California.

On February 16, 2006, along with its preliminary handset lineup, Helio introduced it had partnered with MySpace. Helio created a custom portal for customers to interface with the social networking site. Helio became one of the first wi-fi communications carriers within the United States to apply social networking as a primary promotional strategy. Cingular, AT&T, Sprint and different competition did now no longer observe healthy till months later.

 Early monetary losses Helio (wireless carrier)

Substantial startup fees for Helio ended in hundreds of thousands of greenbacks of losses in keeping with the month. These losses precipitated EarthLink to put up a loss for its first sector of 2007.[10] EarthLink and SK Telecom each upped their preliminary investments after it had become clear that extra cash might be required to set up the new Helio brand. After this 2nd spherical of financing ran out, EarthLink declined to offer similar money to help Helio, pointing out that the investments in Helio had been draining assets far from the company’s centre business.

Change of possession and managing Helio (wireless carrier)

On September 21, 2007, EarthLink announced that SK Telecom could grow SK Telecom’s funding in Helio via way of $270 million. They might be adjusting possession positions within the agency due to giving operational management to SK Telecom. In January 2008, CEO Sky Dayton changed via way of means of Dr Won Hee Sull, a former governor of SK Telecom. The sky turned into named non-government chairman of the board. In a press launch saying the control changes, SK Telecom reaffirmed its dedication to Helio.

Acquisition through Virgin Mobile USA

In May 2008, rumours arose that Helio determined SK Telecom to become in talks with Virgin Mobile USA, Inc. over a likely merger. SK Telecom denied those rumours. However, Virgin Mobile USA divulged that the two had been having initial discussions.On June 27, 2008, Virgin Mobile USA introduced that it’d pay $39 million in inventory for Helio after SK Telecom promised to immediately invest $25 million in coins in Virgin Mobile USA. Virgin Mobile USA finished its acquisition of Helio, Inc. on August 22, 2008. Helio had about 170,000 subscribers at the time of the acquisition. On September 9, 2008, Virgin Mobile USA introduced a brand new brand. “Helio through Virgin Mobile”, and a brand new advertising slogan “, Plan To Have It All”. Virgin Mobile USA additionally introduced an alternative of month-to-month plans, and their first included phone, the PCD “Shuttle”.

Helio logo and helio come back

defunct Sprint Nextel introduced in March 2010 that Virgin Mobile USA might prevent offering carriers to its Helio post-paid clients. Sprint Nextel supplied Helio clients incentives to interchange to Sprint branded carrier that if they did not, their page disconnect on May 25, 2010.Helio comeback The Helio logo changed into resurrected via way of means of Ubi Telecom in July 2015. Helio’s $29 according-to-month price plan gives an unlimited talk, textual content and facts, however, at capped points speeds of 128kbit/s.

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Products and Service of Helio (wireless carrier)

In August 2007, Helio launched the Fin, an ultra-thin folder with a magnesium body. In December 2007, the Mysto slider saw a limited release to the Korean American market, followed by a general market launch in January 2008. On February 12, 2009, Helio launched sales of the Ocean 2 by Virgin Mobile, a device much like the original Ocean but sleeker and having new features. “Say Hello To HELIO; SK-EarthLink Changes Its Name and Unveils Brand For Its Breakthrough Mobile Offering Launching Spring 2006; HELIO To Leverage SK Telecom Innovation In New Service” (Press release).


Helio is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that piggybacks on Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO network but offers its line of phones and services. Like most youth-oriented MVNOs, such as Amp’d and Virgin Mobile, Helio’s target demographic ranges roughly from late teens to early 20s. Aside from being the first Helio phone, the Hero is also the first high-end handset created by Pantech, a Korean company specifically for the U.S. market. The Hero goes for $275 in addition to Helio’s monthly rates, a hefty price for a supposedly youth-targeted phone.

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