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What is Email Marketing? – Types, Benefits, and More

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a direct marketing channel that allows businesses to share new products, sales, and updates with customers on their contact lists. A high ROI is essential to most companies’ overall inbound strategy.

Monolithic mass mailings are becoming less common in modern email marketing, with an emphasis instead on segmentation, personalization, and consent. Though it may appear laborious, marketing automation does the majority of the grunt work. Over time, a well-thought-out marketing plan will increase revenue and foster brand community development.

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Types Of Marketing Emails

Marketing emails can be used for promotional, informational or specific purposes in the buyer’s journey.

Promotional Email

Email marketing campaigns promote special offers, new product launches, secure content such as e-books and webinars, and brands in general. A campaign can consist of 3-10 emails sent over days or weeks.

Promotional emails have a clear call to action (CTA, for short). A CTA represents a specific action the reader wants the reader to take, such as visiting a page on your website or making a purchase using a coupon.

Your business’s sales and marketing pace determine how often you send these marketing emails. During important periods like Black Friday, you can send several promotional emails within 24 hours. During slow periods in the marketing calendar, several weeks may pass between promotional campaigns.

Informative Email


As the name suggests, newsletters share news related to your business. Think about it: you’ve reached a new milestone, have a new product feature, or contain valuable content like case studies. Regular weekly, biweekly, and monthly newsletters help maintain consistent contact with your email subscribers.

But did you know that newsletters are not limited to the news? As email expert Ann Handley said, focus on the text aspect. Imagine writing a one-on-one letter to your subscribers about something that interests them.

Simply put, a newsletter is an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, advice, and more that provides your audience with the most valuable information.


Email is the perfect way to notify customers of company announcements, new product launches, service changes, and more.

Email is often a channel for transmitting important messages. In case of a website defect, late delivery or system/software failure, updating your contact details via email is the best way to stay in touch safe, immediate and, above all, consistent with the formal tone of the presentation.

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Re-Engagement Email

Another important type of email marketing is re-engagement email. As the name suggests, re-engagement emails help you reconnect with customers or subscribers who haven’t been active recently.

Why does Email Marketing matter?

Email is not a new technology. It was one of the first digital means of communication to arrive in 1971. But today, at 50, email marketing is more popular than ever.

“Do people still use email? Don’t you have social media for marketing today? While it’s true that social media is an important channel for any digital marketing strategy, email has several advantages.

First, it campaigns can be much more personalized than social media. Second, the cost is significantly lower than other channels, especially considering the reach and conversion rates associated with it. That’s part of why email marketing is great for small businesses.

Finally, email marketing is powerful and lucrative because it gives you direct, one-on-one access to your audience’s inbox.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email is essential to growing and managing your business, from order confirmations to newsletters.

This marketing helps you achieve three main goals.

1. Conversion

Are you starting a sale or promotion? You can generate sales by sending email marketing campaigns to your subscribers. Also, increase your conversion rate using email marketing techniques.

Personalized coupons or special offers for subscribers birthdays, welcome emails, and ways to retain your audience.

They abandoned the cart email that triggers whenever visitors add an item to their cart but don’t checkout.

2. Brand Awareness

The advantage of email is that you can contact someone directly. One-on-one communication is best. And people aren’t putting someone in their inbox these days—an organized space for your favourite brands and publications.

When it appears in someone’s inbox, it helps keep your brand fresh in subscribers’ minds. One-to-one marketing emails have more influence than social media posts, where you can’t be sure someone has seen your message.

Scalability is one of the main advantages of  this marketing. This means you can reach many recipients while remaining cost-effective compared to other marketing channels.

3. Customer loyalty

Email engages customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey: lead nurturing, conversion, onboarding, and retention. It is also the tool you should use with your sales CRM system to streamline your communications.

Email Marketing Methods

Businesses use email service providers to send marketing emails.

An email service provider is a software that sends and manages email marketing campaigns.

She was also known as an email marketing platform, email marketing tool, email marketing service, or email marketing software.

Can’t Send Marketing Emails To Your Regular Inbox Provider?

Technically it is possible. (It also explains how to send mass emails with Gmail.) But be careful. Issues will likely arise with limited bandwidth, design, and, most importantly, email delivery potential. Here’s why:

Internet Service Providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. are intended for personal use, not email. It is free to use but not a free bulk email sender. Thus, bulk emails from your ISP can be easily flagged by spam filters and deactivated due to suspicious activity.

On the other hand, have the infrastructure to ensure good email delivery rates, i.e. the ability to send emails to subscribers’ inboxes. Get a dedicated marketing service if you want to set yourself up for success from day one.

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