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What is the Yubo App? Few Types Of Apps Like Yubo


The Yubo app is a social networking app that allows users to connect with others in their area. There are so many Apps like Yubo available in the market. It is a live streaming service for all types of material except explicit nudity, violence, and hate speech. Sacha Lazimi, Arthur Patera, and Jeremie Aouate designed Yubo as a Tinder-like app where people can “meet new friends.” The app allows people to interact with each other through live streaming. Also, this app encourages registered users to chat and make friends with people they don’t know online. However, it has been criticized for its potential risk that predators will continue to use it to attack minors.

Few Apps Like Yubo App

Yubo is a French social media platform developed to “meet new people” and produce a sense of community.

It lets users make video live streams with up to 10 friends. It remains in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, etc.

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4 Best Apps Like Yubo [Yubo Alternatives]





Friended Also, the Apps Like Yubo

Friended Also, the Apps Like Yubo

Meeting new people can be dating, but this Yubo-like app makes the knowledge simpler, easier, and more fun. Friended is a networking app that allows people to find, build, and keep beautiful relationships.

Unlike Yubo, where you can put down left or right on optional profiles, Friended takes a less aggressive approach to building connections.

Take some of the worries out of having to describe yourself to strangers by offering prompts and opening sentences for your posts so you can write. It also provides live streaming, video calling, and in-app gaming to boost your interactions. 

Meetme this one. Also, Apps Like Yubo

MeetMe is an app that facilitates the discovery of new acquaintances in your area that have similar interests. Users of the MeetMe app can talk, exchange presents, share images, and stream live videos.

It is straightforward to sign up. In addition, you can filter the search option according to age, gender, location, range, and preference.

Find people with the same interest as yours and chat or video chat with them. Viewed By feature lets, you check users that viewed your profile.


The most popular dating app is Badoo, a dating-focused social network that is accessible in 47 different languages and operates in over 190 countries.

In order to see if they have any friends in common, users can match with others, communicate, publish pictures and videos, and discuss hobbies. Users who reside nearby can also be seen and contacted.

Go invisible and check out profiles without revealing your identity. Get unlimited filters, and also use them to meet your perfect match.


Peanut is an app like Yubo specifically designed to connect girls, women, and mothers of similar ages and backgrounds, so they share their experiences and make friends along the way.

Find other girls and women on a similar journey, ask questions, receive advice, and also build a strong community of people who can relate to your reality.

You can cultivate lifelong friendships or forge strong connections to get you through difficult times. Plan physical meetups to get to know yourselves better and become more involved in each other’s lives.


We describe a few apps that are similar to the Yubo app. We have some helpful apps for everyone if you want to make new friends. Yubo is divided into two communities: one is for youth (ages 13 to 17) and the other is for adults (age 18 and up). For the sake of safety and the protection of children, community members are only allowed to communicate with other members of their own group.

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