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The Merkur Scorpio is a vehicle advertised via Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury department via its Merkur sub-emblem for version years 1988 and 1989. Merkur’s 2nd version line, the Scorpio, turned into a luxurious midsize vehicle set on the pinnacle of the XR4Ti. A captive import from Ford of Europe, the Scorpio was advertised via means of the United States and Canada. A nearly direct counterpart to the Ford Scorpio Mk I (Ford Granada Mk III inside the UK), the Merkur Scorpio turned into the emblem’s flagship version line, giving Lincoln-Mercury a contender in opposition to European government vehicles offered in North America, consisting of the Audi 100, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz 190E, Saab 9000, Sterling 827 and Volvo 740/760.

After the model year 1989, Lincoln-Mercury ended Scorpio imports (closing the Merkur brand). Coupled with unstable pricing resulting in preliminary sales figures, continued sales of the model line would require a costly redesign to remain compliant with US safety regulations. The Scorpio was manufactured in Cologne, West Germany, Ford of Germany (Köln Body & Assembly). In total, 22,010 units.

Model Overview

While presented as a five-door hatchback, the Merkur Scorpio took a close look to the Mercury Sable. However, in comparison to the primary generation (1986–1991) Mercury Sable, the Scorpio changed into 4. 5 inches shorter (2 inches more concise than the Ford Taurus), 1. 3 inches narrower and 2.7 inches longer in wheelbase; the two fashions have been nearly identical in height.

Chassis specifications

The Merkur Scorpio stocks the rear-wheel power Ford DE-1 chassis with the Ford of the equal name configured as a long-wheelbase model of the Ford Sierra (prolonged from 102.7 inches to 108.7 inches). [6] Compared to the American-designed Ford rear-wheel power chassis (i.e. Fox, Panther), the DE-1 platform became prepared with four-wheel unbiased suspension. [6] In comparison to the XR4Ti, Ford of Europe did now no longer equip the Scorpio with a -precise engine. The biggest engine supplied through the Ford Scorpio, a 2.9-litre V6, produced a hundred and forty-four horsepower.


Body In contrast to many of its European counterparts, the Scorpio was offered exclusively as a five-door hatchback (its only Body style produced before 1990) and designed as a fastback. To. Merkur Scorpio has provided Lincoln-Mercury with an opportunity to market a (much) sportier premium alternative to its traditional Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Town Car sedans. Scorpio designing by obscured B and C pillars (in keeping with a “floating roof” effect); the model also features a minimal opening of the front grille (closer in layout to the Ford Taurus). Although less extensive than the redevelopment of the XR4Ti, Too.
  • Merkur Scorpio Ghia
  • Merkur Scorpio Dashboard
  • 1989 Merkur Scorpio (Ford Scorpio wheels)
  • 1989 Merkur Scorpio, rear (Ford Scorpio wheels
  • The British version of Merkur Scorpio (Ford Granada Scorpio 4×4 2.9i)


At its launch, the Merkur Scorpio had a base charge of $ 23,390 (equal to $ 53 hundred in 2020). Options protected computerized transmission, moon roof and Touring package deal. Most North American Scorpios are advanced and automated information, and a Touring package deal raised the sticky label charge to $ 26,405 (equal to $ 60 hundred in 2020). Wearing a close look because the Mercury Sable, the Scorpio rivalled the Lincoln Town Car in charge. [7] To entice clients to the version line, Lincoln-Mercury supplied capability clients with a Guaranteed Resale Value Program.

Matching the Scorpion’s resale cost to the Mercedes-Benz 190E. [4]


On October 20, 1989, Ford formally brought the surrender of Scorpio imports into the United States; because of the truth the XR4Ti had ceased income in advance within the 12 months, the choice correctly closed . Coinciding with lower-than-expected income (Ford sought 15,000 payment in step with 12 months for the brand [9]), fell to volatile trade fees, some of the greenback and the Deutsche Mark, which precipitated further rate increases. After discontinuing the car, Ford produced the Scorpio Mk I until the model 365 days in 1994.


Merkur scorpio overview Manufacturer: Ford of Germany (Ford of Europe) Production 1987-1989 Model years: 1988-1989 Assembly West Germany: Cologne (Cologne Body & Assembly) [1] Body and chassis Class Mid-length luxury / Executive car Body fashion five-door hatchback FR format Platform Ford DE-1 platform Related Ford Scorpio / Ford Granada Ford Sierra Merkur XR4Ti Powertrain Engine 2. nine L Cologne V6 Transmission five-pace Type nine manual four-pace A4LD automatic Dimensions Wheelbase 108.7 in (2,761 mm) [2] Length 186. four in (four,735 mm) Width 69. five in (1,765 mm) Height 54.6 in (1,387 mm)

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