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The Merkur Scorpio is a vehicle advertised via Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury department via its Merkur sub-emblem for version years 1988 and 1989. Merkur’s 2nd version line, the Scorpio, turned into a luxurious midsize vehicle set on the pinnacle of the XR4Ti. A captive import from Ford of Europe, the Scorpio turned into advertised via way of means of with inside the United States and Canada. A nearly direct counterpart to the Ford Scorpio Mk I (Ford Granada Mk III with inside the UK), the Merkur Scorpio turned into supposed because the emblem’s flagship version line, giving Lincoln-Mercury a contender in opposition to European govt vehicles offered in North America, consisting of Audi 100, BMW five series, Mercedes-Benz 190E, Saab 9000, Sterling 827 and Volvo 740/760.

After the model year 1989, Lincoln-Mercury ended Scorpio imports (closing the Merkur brand). Coupled with unstable pricing resulting in preliminary sales figures, continued sales of the model line would require costly redesign to remain compliant with US safety regulations. The Scorpio was manufactured in Cologne, West Germany, by Ford of Germany (Köln Body & Assembly). In total, 22,010 units.

Model Overview

While presented as a five-door hatchback, the Merkur Scorpio changed into a close look to the Mercury Sable. However, in comparison to the primary generation (1986-1991) Mercury Sable, the Scorpio changed into 4. five inches shorter (2 inches more concise than the Ford Taurus), 1. three inches narrower and 2.7 inches longer in wheelbase; the two fashions have been nearly identical in height.

Chassis specifications

The Merkur Scorpio stocks the rear-wheel power Ford DE-1 chassis with the Ford of the equal name configured as a long-wheelbase model of the Ford Sierra (prolonged from 102.7 inches to 108.7 inches). [6] Compared to the American-designed Ford rear-wheel power chassis (i.e. Fox, Panther), the DE-1 platform became prepared with four-wheel unbiased suspension. [6] In comparison to the XR4Ti, Ford of Europe did now no longer equip the Scorpio with a -precise engine. The biggest engine supplied through the Ford Scorpio, a 2.9-litre V6, produced a hundred and forty-four horsepower.


Body In contrast to many of its European counterparts, the Scorpio was offered exclusively as a five-door hatchback (its only Body style produced before 1990) and designed as a fastback. To. Merkur Scorpio has provided Lincoln-Mercury with an opportunity to market a (much) sportier premium alternative to its traditional Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Town Car sedans. Scorpio designing by obscured B and C pillars (in keeping with a “floating roof” effect); the model also features a minimal opening of the front grille (closer in layout to the Ford Taurus). Although less extensive than the redevelopment of the XR4Ti, Too.
  • Merkur Scorpio Ghia
  • Merkur Scorpio Dashboard
  • 1989 Merkur Scorpio (Ford Scorpio wheels)
  • 1989 Merkur Scorpio, rear (Ford Scorpio wheels
  • The British version of Merkur Scorpio (Ford Granada Scorpio 4×4 2.9i)


At its launch, the Merkur Scorpio had a base charge of $ 23,390 (equal to $ 53 hundred in 2020). Options protected computerized transmission, moon roof and Touring package deal. Most North American Scorpios are advanced and automated information, and a Touring package deal raised the sticky label charge to $ 26,405 (equal to $ 60 hundred in 2020). Wearing a close look because the Mercury Sable, the Scorpio rivalled the Lincoln Town Car in charge. [7] To entice clients to the version line, Lincoln-Mercury supplied capability clients with a Guaranteed Resale Value Program.

Matching the Scorpion’s resale cost to the Mercedes-Benz 190E. [4]


On October 20, 1989, Ford formally brought the surrender of Scorpio imports into the United States; because of the truth the XR4Ti had ceased income in advance with inside the 12 months, the choice correctly closed . Coinciding with lower-than-expected income (Ford sought 15,000 payment in step with 12 months for the brand [9]),fell to volatile trade fees, some of the greenback and the Deutsche Mark, which precipitated further rate increases. After discontinuing the car, Ford produced the Scorpio Mk I until the model 365 days in 1994.


Merkur scorpio overview Manufacturer Ford of Germany (Ford of Europe) Production 1987-1989 Model years 1988-1989 Assembly West Germany: Cologne (Cologne Body & Assembly) [1] Body and chassis Class Mid-length luxury / Executive car Body fashion five-door hatchback FR format Platform Ford DE-1 platform Related Ford Scorpio / Ford Granada Ford Sierra Merkur XR4Ti Powertrain Engine 2. nine L Cologne V6 Transmission five-pace Type nine manual four-pace A4LD automatic Dimensions Wheelbase 108.7 in (2,761 mm) [2] Length 186. four in (four,735 mm) Width 69. five in (1,765 mm) Height 54.6 in (1,387 mm)

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