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What is Snapchat?- About, Uses, Features, and More


Snapchat is a one-to-one messaging app that allows users to send photos, videos, and text messages that disappear after a few seconds. The app has over 190 million daily users, who create 3.5 billion snaps per day.

In addition, Snapchat integrates, among other things, stickers to decorate messages, as well as features such as stories, which are a series of photo or video messages that can be viewed for 24 hours, or the Memories section, which allows you to save photos. The application is particularly popular with teenagers and Generation Y: in France, 60% of 13-34-year-olds use Snapchat daily.

Since its inception, Snapchat has seen significant innovations. The social network should continue to evolve in the years to come, making it a platform of choice for communicating as a business

What are the Uses of Snapchat?

Originally Snapchat was designed for private photo sharing. However, its uses have multiplied over time. As a result, the company has established among the primary communication tools that have revolutionized the 21st century.

Other Features of Snapchat

The functions of Snapchat are very varied:

  • The snap Map: this map will allow you to locate your friends all over the world and consult events together;
  • Snapchat art lets you view works of art in augmented reality ;
  • you can indulge in group video games;
  • Plantsnap scans plants and gives you account information;
  • Snapchat Discover will provide you with access to brands and media that deliver entertainment and news feed

How Old do you Have to USE Snapchat?

The terms, users must be 13 years You have to enter your birth date to set up an account, but there’s no age verification, so it’s easy for kids under 13 to sign up.

What are Snapchat Streaks?

With Snapstreaks, two users have snapped back and forth within 24 hours for three days. Once you’ve established a streak, unique emojis and statistics display next to the streakers’ names to show you how long you’ve maintained a streak. In addition, they add to your overall Snapchat score.

Do Messages Disappear on Snapchat?

It depends. If you set a time limit on a snap, it will disappear after being viewed. However, recipients can take screenshots of an image using their phones or a third-party screen-capture app. A phone screen capture will notify the sender of that image capture. But third-party apps don’t trigger a notification.

For these reasons, teens should understand that nothing done online is temporary. So before sending a sexy or embarrassing snap of themselves or someone else, it’s important to remember that the picture could circulate to the school by tomorrow morning.

How can Snapchat be Useful for Marketers?

American companies have long considered this new social network as a promising marketing tool for working with a youth audience. However, the social network is cast-off by marketers of fashion houses, sports, and casual clothing companies, restaurants, food delivery services, and grocery companies. Foreign marketers give the following tips on using Snapchat to grow your business.

1. Involve Celebrities in Content Creation

Inviting leading athletes, models, actors, and musicians will increase the company’s audience on Snapchat.

Adidas has significantly increased its Snapchat following by posting a snap featuring American rapper Pharrell Williams. In addition, fashion house Calvin Klein regularly invites the famous top model Kate Moss to showcase new models in snap stories. A successful example of McDonald’s promotion was a snap with the participation of professional basketball player James LeBron, talking about a new sandwich on the restaurant’s menu.

2. Share What’s Going on Behind The Scenes

Fans of companies on Snapchat are interested in official videos and photos but also in sketches from the everyday life of their favorite company.

Burberry constantly shares footage from behind the scenes of fashion shows and shows with its subscribers and preparations for them. And the American company DayDreamCinema has long noticed that snaps about how commercials are shot attract much more attention than the advertisement itself.

3. Raffle Promo Codes, Discounts, and Prizes

Promo codes, discounts, and prizes offered at the end of a snap as a reward are the best way to attract new subscribers.

Frozen yogurt maker 16 Handles was particularly successful in its customer acquisition campaign, which offered a promo code for up to 100% off a snap with its product. Moreover, the participants of the action had all the same 10 seconds to report the received and almost immediately disappeared promo code to the cashier. And the online clothing store USTrandy distributed promotional codes through its regular customers and representatives among college students, significantly increasing its audience.

4. Make Exclusive Previews of New Products for Subscribers

Let your loyal followers feel like they’re unique, and let them know what’s new first.

Cosmetics company NARS boosted customer loyalty by hosting an exclusive preview of its new makeup collection for its Snapchat followers. Asos and Amazon regularly use Snapchat to showcase their latest products. So New York fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff thanked her loyal customers with a Snapchat preview of her new collection.

5. Look for Influencers to Promote Products Among Subscribers

Your audience may already have a famous subscriber with many contacts. Let him help you promote your product. Women’s clothing company Wet Seal has recruited one of its 300,000 users for its Snapchat ad campaign.

6. Share Footage from Private Events

Give your followers the experience of being at exclusive events they are unlikely to ever attend on their own.

Calvin Klein regularly shares snaps from exclusive shows and red carpets with its subscribers. And the Louis Vuitton company even has a particular format – a virtual ticket in the front row – at every screening for subscribers on Snapchat.

7. Engage Subscribers in Content Creation

Enable your employees and subscribers to become content creators for your Snapchat channel. For example, California-based restaurant chain Squeeze In engages employees to film and post snaps about food preparation, customer service, and corporate culture in various US cities every weekend.

And the catering company GrubHub decided to use Snapchat to find interns. As a test task, candidates had to send their snaps to the company through the chat of this social network.


Snapchat is a messaging application for sharing photos, videos, text, and drawings. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing apps for mobile users. Unfortunately, popular live stories also make it into the discover feed, and there is no way of knowing what could trend on Snapchat. Nevertheless, Snapchat is a speedy way to be in touch.

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