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What is Scuf Reflex Fps? How to Use it with PC


SCUF Reflex FPS is worthy of the high quality of the device. A box-type hard carton with an outer carton wrapping shows images and specifications. Inside we find control over a plastic mold and under it some extras. However, the biggest will come in another individual box.

We are pleased to have configured and tested one of those controls. That makes the difference in the competition with our rivals, the SCUF Reflex FPS. Of course, it’s a PS5 version, but it’s also compatible with PC or Mac, specially designed for shooting games with instant triggers.

In the typical PS5 button design, extra extras such as configurable bottom levers or buttons for three different profiles remain added. The reason for a controller like this is that the user can fully customize it. It is from the store, with skins, designs, joysticks, and much more. In addition, it includes clubs at different heights and configurations to use those that suit us best—wants to try it now? Let’s start!

The content available on request with all extras will be:

  • SCUF Reflex FPS Command
  • USB-A – USB-C connection cable
  • Additional USB-A Cable – USB-C Connection
  • 2x interchangeable suit pairs
  • Cream gamer grip
  • Hard Case
  • No wireless PC adapter remains included, so it must be purchased separately or ensure our non-PS5 device already has Bluetooth.

Scuf Reflex Fps offers Players A Tight Controller for Competitive Shooters

Scuf Reflex Fps offers Players A Tight Controller for Competitive Shooters

Every player knows that playing FPS games on a gamepad, no matter how customizable, is a much inferior experience compared to the classic mouse and keyboard. Analog sticks pale compared to the accuracy a mouse allows when pointing, rotating, and blinking.

A controller design to play first-person shooters on the PS5. If you’re one of them, you want to check out Scuf Reflex FPS.till, that won’t stop all console fans from enjoying their favorite competitive shooters.

Billed as a gamepad “for the committed FPS player,” the device is an old standard controller for the team. However, it has to remain specifically tuned to fragment into a shooter. So whether you’re playing the annual Call of Duty installment, that Battlefield game you’re still hoping will improve with updates, or the old Rainbow Six as you’ve done for the past six years. In addition, it promises to help you score your headshots more accurately than the PS5’s stock controller.

Scuf Reflex Fps Support to Which Device

The Scuf Reflex FPS is part of the team’s new line of PS5 controllers, all of which look similar. However, each has remained designed for its specific purposes. The FPS variant, for example, gets a performance grip that must stay firmly in your hands during intense high-action shootings, as well as instant triggers instead of the adaptive variant found in other gamepads.

According to the team, using instant triggers eliminates the need to pull the control when aiming and firing, as it respond immediately, like a quick mouse click action.

While they couldn’t change the analog sticks to more closely mimic the accuracy of the mouse controls (it never will), you can always go to the team’s website to see the recommended settings for each game. Which they usually offer to help players use their gamepads. They also provide interchangeable thumb sticks.

So you can try the included ones to find what gives you optimal control during shooting, blinking, and orientation. As a general rule, short sticks allow faster movement. Tall ones give you many more angles for the attack, bulging ones offer better direction, and concave ones allow for more sensitive movement.


The Scuf Reflex FPS has four rear paddles, so you can offload some of the action buttons controls over to your forefingers and middle fingers. With the option to remove them entirely in case you find them an unnecessary distraction. It also comes with onboard memory. So you can save up to three different settings profiles to quickly change up remain given to each paddle button.

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