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What are Element Materials Technology?

About Element Materials Technology

Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification services. For a wide range of products, materials and technologies in the advanced industrial supply chain where failure. Based in London, UK, Element’s more than 7,000 scientists, engineers and technicians work in a global network of more than 200 laboratories, supporting customers from the initial R&D stage through complex regulatory approvals and production to ensure the safety of their products. Do. Sustainable and secure market access.

In 2021, Element defined a new industry-leading environmental commitment by adopting science-based targets. Also, committing to net zero emissions across its global operations by 2035. However, this environmental commitment is supported by Element’s certification division of Multianalytes, a global leader in testing, inspection and ESG research and data.

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The materials testing and engineering services provided by Element Materials Technology are valuable throughout the whole lifecycle of your project or product. The professionals at Element carry out comprehensive studies that offer insightful information to enhance process and product performance and contribute value to your company, starting with initial design and continuing through manufacture and on-site maintenance.

Material Test

Element Materials Technology provides analytical services for various materials used in various industries and applications. These include chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, and metallurgy. Element experts are also experienced in testing polymers such as plastics, rubber, elastomers, paints/coatings, adhesives, lubricants and organic chemicals—dimensional inspection including first article inspection, reverse engineering, mold qualification, and process capability study.

Consulting Service

Element Materials Technology engineers and scientists often go beyond test results to explore why a failure or problem occurred and then decide on a solution. Additionally, our comprehensive consulting services can help accelerate product/process development, optimize production efficiency and reduce time to market.


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Everything Element does is design to help customers make better materials and products. Get these products and materials to market on time. Save time and money; Minimize the risks associated with the development and production activities of our customers’ products.

As a company, our goal is simple. All materials and products that our customer’s test, inspect and certify by us always comply with all applicable industry standards and regulations, regardless of the industry sector in which they operate, and are safe and suitable for the end application.

Proposed Outline Change

Element Materials Technology is a company that provides materials testing, product qualification testing, inspection, certification, calibration and consulting services. Also, it serves the aerospace, transportation, fire, oil and gas, and infrastructure sectors. A combination of destructive and non-destructive testing methods are applied to metals, composites, polymers, elastomers and resins to determine their potential properties, performance, strength, durability and corrosion resistance. The company also provides management system standards certification, management chain certification for wood and wood derivatives, and sustainable supply chain certification for palm oil, soy, and cocoa. And other products.


Element is one of the fastest growing taxing, inspection, certification and calibration companies worldwide. Globally, we have over 6,700 talented people operating at 200 locations in over 30 countries. Although, we share the ambitious goal of “making tomorrow safer than today”.

Element Materials Technology experts help you meet your quality and regulatory goals with massive capacity, fast turnaround times, accurate, easy-to-read reports, and certified results. Also, our state-of-the-art accredited labs are designed to handle the toughest project specifications. The most demanding production schedules, and the most complex government regulations. Our experienced engineers, materials scientists, chemists and technicians will get your job done right the first time.

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