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What is Commercial Technology Washer?

Enjoy a wash worthy of the best laundromats with this Maytag commercial technology washer machine. This  machine delivers flawless results with a dual-action agitator and powerful 1/2 HP motor. There are seven preset cycles to choose from, including four deep water wash cycles. You can also choose between Delicate, Large & Towel cycles, mixed loads and the PowerWash option, which soaks loads and ensures all detergent is mixed with each wash. The stainless steel drum absorbs % moisture.

In addition, the practical rotation filling function helps to absorb loads well; This product is backed by a 5 year limited warranty, parts and labor. In addition, this appliance comes with a limited warranty on the motor mechanics and the stainless steel wash basket from the sixth to the tenth year after purchase.

Commercial Technology Washer

  • Commercial-Grade Washer: Maytag designed this commercial technology washer appliance for your home with durable parts, including a 1/2 hp motor, galvanized steel panels, and heavy-duty knobs that genuinely built to last
  • 1/2 hp motor: Powerful 1/2 hp motor and durable drive system mean this machine can easily wash large loads
  • Dual-action agitator: Dual-action agitator optimizes cleaning for fast results and a deep wash in no time
  • Power Wash Deep Water Cycle: Power Wash Deep Water Cycle soaks clothes and ensures all detergents mixed with every wash
  • 4 Deep Water Wash Cycles: Choose Delicate, Bulky Items/Towels or PowerWash(R) cycles to get the maximum water level for a thorough wash

As the washer fills with water, the tub spins continuously to mix and saturate all items ·  Appliances: Confidently backs this washer with a 10-year limited residential parts warranty, which includes all parts and labour during the first five years· Two commercial-grade water inlet hoses with brass fittings included with this product

Front Load Washer

Everything a washing machine should be. Innovative technologies are combine with revolutionary design to create a front-loading washing machine that offers unprecedented washing quality while minimizing operating costs.

Take Control with Speed ​​Queen

Run your business or laundry room as you want with Speed ​​Queen® controllers. Then, go a step further with options like Quantum controllers and Speed ​​Queen Insights that offer adjustable coin pricing, programmable shutdown times, service alerts, business data, and more. Or maintain a streamlined system with a coin collector and simple digital or manual controls.

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The Best Card-Working Commercial Technology Washers and Dryers

Card-operated washers and dryers have revolutionized self-service laundries, making them safer, more convenient, and easier to operate. In the past, coin-operated washing machines were the only equipment for property managers who wanted to offer their residents the convenience of the on-site laundromat. However, with the advent of smart card technology, the options for laundromat owners have expanded. Traditional coin-operated laundry equipment remains the most beloved by many laundromat owners. However, some commercial technology washing machines. machines may have security issues that can leave a facility vulnerable to theft and other risks. By choosing card-operated commercial washers and dryers, homeowners can eliminate these risks.

Card-operated laundry equipment based on smart card technology eliminates using coins to pay for wash cycles. As a result, the best card-operated commercial washers and dryers offer a wide range of benefits for owners and residents.


You’re thinking of a commercial machine rather than a consumer one. Durability and functionality superior to style; Most commercial washers are bulky and heavy. Often with more expensive stainless steel construction to minimize corrosion in a constantly humid environment. However, they have large, easy-to-remove service panels, and the washer’s design requires no access from below for maintenance. Commercial washing machine position behind. All devices have a wide access home service without moving heavy machinery.

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