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Garmin 645 Music Design, Software, and How to Charge?


Garmin 645 music is a great watch, especially considering it has five buttons. The buttons are much more relaxed to use than a touch screen during activities. But they usually mark a device as too sporty to use everywhere. The 645 Music defies that convention – it’s as elegant as any smartwatch.

Running is more than just exercising. It’s acting. And Garmin 645 music has the tools to help you put on a fantastic show every time you put on your shoes. It has music storage on the device so you can run with your favorite songs and contactless expenses that let you buy what you essential without missing anything. With all those features, advanced operating dynamics. And performance monitoring tools, this GPS Running Watch is the instrument you need to refine performance.

What are the Design and Hardware of Garmin 645 Music

What are the Design and Hardware of Garmin 645 Music

The Garmin 645 Music has the latest Garmin look with a round watch case, dial, and 20mm replaceable silicon band with a quick release system.

The watch has a face of 42.5 mm and weighs about 45 grams. The display is crisp – though not at the level of an Apple Watch or one of the Samsung Gear watches – and is very legible, especially outside. I keep mine at 50% glare to help with battery life, and I can always get the information I need from the watch with a look during the day.

Compared to the vivoactive 3 Music I reviewed a few days ago, the primary de-design sign component of the ForeRunner 645 is a lovely steel bezel that tilts from the glass to the watch case. I like this design feature; it gives the Garmin 645 Music an expensive and elegant look. Combined with the ability to easily change budget straps, it’s a watch that I don’t mind wearing all day in many different contexts.

One of the sides of the watch are 5 physical buttons: light, up, down, start/stop, and back. On the back is the plug for the charger and the heart rate sensor of the Elevate wrist.

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After Execution – Software and Connectivity with Garmin 645 Music

It is not specific only to the 645 but common to all Garmin GPS watches. In addition, your stats and activities will live in the Garmin Connect software ecosystem, a system I’m increasingly enjoying as I use it.

Activities will automatically sync over wifi once you’re done, and the “Physio TrueUp” feature will sync your data across all your Garmin devices. This feature is handy for people like me who test/use more than one device. So whatever I use has my whole story regardless of the device I wear. Also, I think it will remain appreciated by people who use Forerunner devices for their racing and Edge cycling devices.

Garmin Connect is a good suite of panels, widgets, and screens. That gives you a view of your activity level (steps, floors, sleep, calories in vs. calories out, thanks to the integration of MyFitnessPal). And the list of your sports activities with a good level of detail.

How Often Will I Have to Charge?

Garmin gives the battery duration of 14 hours of GPS, five hours of GPS plus music, or five days as a smartwatch. Music aside, I found this works on two weekly charges, based on running four or five times as much and cycling to work. But who would want to put music aside? That’s the whole point. Listening to podcasts or music from 645 Music for my entire career put me at three minimum charges per week.

GPS Running Garmin 645 music and contactless payments

  • Warranty: 1+1* Years (1 YEAR Garmin + 1 YEAR Garmin Authorized Distributor )
  • Sync music from select streaming services for offline listening¹
  • Provides advanced gait dynamics3, including ground contact time balance, stride length, vertical ratio, and more
  • Uses wrist-based heart rate4 to provide performance monitoring functions, including assessing your current training status
  • Battery life: up to 1 week in Garmin 645 music smartwatch approach; 5 hours in GPS mode with music


If the price is too high to choose the Vivo Active 3 Music, Garmin 645 Music, the price is not an issue, buy this watch. So, from the point of view of design, I have been using it for two months and like it a lot. Hence, if you are serious about measuring your performance. Thus, the Forerunner 645 is a GPS watch to beat in the mid-price range; it remains unusually well designed, both functionally and aesthetically.

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