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The Hammer of Doom is a metallic doom pageant in Würzburg. Then Warchief Orgrim. Doomhammer provided the wooded area trolls to sign up for the Horde. But Zul’jin turned enraged whilst Warchief Orgrim. Doomhammer did not break Quel’Thalas and deserted the siege towards the excessive elves to release an assault on Lordaeron. Rumours had been that Orgrim Doomhammer, chief of the orcs, had escaped from Lordaeron and long gone underground.

Banhammer Super Heavy Tank of Doom Hammer

The Banhammer or Doomhammer is a fictional Astra Militarum super-heavy tank. A variant of the “Titan Slayer” Shadowsword from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


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Story of doom hammer

During the millennial siege of the Ordana, a new super-heavy tank saw the light of day. The Imperial Guard forces attacking the rogue worlds harbouring the Titan Legions were in dire need of Titan destroyers like the Shadowblade. But the Adeptus Mechanicus cannot produce such a large number of expensive tanks. Armed with a smaller version of the Shadowsword’s cannon, it had a much shorter range but freed up lot of space to be occupied by the Vulcan’s beam cannon batteries.

Hammer of Doom proved its worth during the Horde’s millennial siege and in many other battles. Weapons; Magma Cannon, two small laser cannon turrets, four twin heavy bolters on two sponsons and two twin heavy bolters on the frontal armour .

Role: Titan Fighter, Super Heavy Transport, Vehicle Destroyer. General Description: Analogous to the “Shadow Sword” for short distances. The smaller dimensions of the weapon used compared to the Vulcan cannon allow it to carry 25ft

Design Of Doom Hammer


The Magma Cannon is a Titan Destroyer heavy weapon used exclusively on Doom hammer Super-heavy tanks. As a smaller version of the Volcano Cannon that the Shadow Sword is equipped with, the Magma Cannon cannot achieve the same results. However, the reduced number of capacitors required to operate the weapon allows the Doomhammer to carry infantry, giving the tank greater tactical flexibility on the battlefield.

Organization and Public Doom Hammer

The festival features new and familiar bands, each with a 45-minute performance. Manilla Road, however, plays a two-and-a-half-hour concert. Hence,The festival attracts between 500 and 1,000 spectators each year.

Sources of doom hammer

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  • Other equipment: Cyclops • Centaur • Atlas • Trojan • Landcrawler • Hades • Termite • Mole • Hellebore.

Infernal Hammer is a doom hammer

The Hellhammer is a modification of the Baneblade, armed primarily with melee weapons, allowing the tank to carry out direct infantry support in cities. The most noticeable distinguishing feature of the tank is its shortened main gun. Therefore, it is equipped with advanced recoil compensation devices, which allow you to fire especially powerful projectiles without the danger of destroying the weapon with its recoil. Furthermore, these projectiles have an unstable subatomic core that will enable them to deal with enemy vehicles, heavy infantry and fortifications effectively. Additional armament consists of heavy flamethrowers for close combat and clearing debris.

Armament: Hellhammer cannon, two small turrets with lascannons, two twin flamethrowers in sponsons, and a twin heavy bolter in a small turret.

Role: tank for combat in urban areas.

Overview: in service with the troops of Katachan, Media and Vostroya.


The Hammer of Doom is organized by Oliver Weinsheimer (festival organizer Keep It True), Heiko Krumpholz and Anja Kohlhepp. Furthermore,  other metal festivals in the region, like Metal Assault. The festival takes place for the first time on January 31, 2009. In the youth centre near the station and then for the second edition. The first six editions occur every six months for one day and then for two days in October or November.

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