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Mila, Air Purifier the Smartest Connected in the World

Mila is the smart home air purifier of the 21st century. Although we are dealing with a product with a small market, it is interesting to see how technology reaches all sectors. The Mila-air purifier imitates the simplicity of intelligent thermostats to rid your interior of harmful suspended particles. Air pollution currently remains one of the significant problems of city life. However, the success in recent years of connected air purifiers such as the Molekule demonstrates the desire of consumers to breathe better. Introducing Mila, a new model available on Kickstarter.

Many of the issues we suffer from, at most minor and less severe compliant but which end up being a problem on a routine basis, are due to evil customs and a world where the climate, pollution, and the progress of the community sent us to not protect of ourselves as we should. Perhaps we cannot go into detail on all the minor points of improvement, but indeed you can begin to take care of the environment that surrounds you at home. I believe this product can convince you when it comes to worrying about the air you breathe in your home.


  • Mila, air purifier inspired by NASA
  • A design executed by a master hand
  • Mila, a brilliant and inexpensive air purifier

Mila Air Purifier Inspired by NASA

Mila has a control system modelled after the design of air purifiers found on space shuttles and rockets. The device thus uses algorithms taking into account the physical properties of the air and its treatment via two filters.

To do this, they combine data from 8 different sensors. Mila has a carbon monoxide detector, a first for an air purifier. Another innovation, the model can identify the presence of an occupant in the room. It can therefore reduce activity when you are in the living room so as not to disturb you.

Apart from that, it also analyzes humidity and air temperature. So as soon as there is a risk of mould, the machine can warn you. There is also more conventional particle, volatile organic compound and carbon dioxide sensors. Finally, the makers of Mila announced a differential pressure sensor, but its function remains secret.

A Design Executed By A Master Hand Air Purifier

For sure, Mila is an air purifier that we are not going to hide at the back of the room. It looks like a stool with its four tiny wooden legs. But the device is an aesthetic triumph and an object in every way practical.

It starts with a screen on the top, like on Apple’s HomePod. This rounded slab makes it possible to read important information on the state of the air quickly. First, however, you must turn to the mobile app connected to the Mila to access more advanced data.

  • Contrary to what do, the user is not assailed by numbers while looking at his smartphone. Continuing on their promise of an easy-to-use air purifier, the designers of Mila have developed an app that shows only the essentials. While this might frustrate big data addicts, This is arguably the best way to understand device analytics for an average person.

 A brilliant and in Expensive

Thanks to all its innovations, the Mila air purifier has a card score of 411 m3/h. as a reminder, the card or clean air delivery rate indicates the volume of air cleared of all particles of a specific size per hour. With 411, Mila is ahead of heavyweights like molecule or Dyson.

In addition to beating its rivals on efficiency, Mila continues its price offensive at $249, half that of Dyson’s Pure Cool Link. For now, you will have to order the device on Kickstarter, where more than 1,500 people have already supported the project for a total exceeding $490,000.

Extra features, price and distribution of Mila Purifier

Now that you know Mila’s main strengths, I’ll tell you some secrets. First, suppose you are focused on acquiring it. In that case, you should know that this air purifier can use different filters, some suitable for homes with pets, others more useful for homes with allergic people or filters for homes that need the most protection. Furthermore, compatibility with Google and Amazon voice assistants could not be missing. In addition, if you want to know the relative humidity of the environment, Mila will also give you the information, even warning you if there are signs of mould.


The lack of freshening in homes has motivated the demand for air purifiers. They decrease inside air pollution levels, but their filters have a sill. Some filters are successful for two to three months, while others can work for a more extended period. Keep checking the air filter indicator, so you change filters at the right time and continue to enjoy a clean indoor environment

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