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What does SUV Mean?- Types, Features, and More

Introduction-The term ‘SUV’ is car industry jargon, an acronym for Sports Utility Vehicle. It refers to a car that sits perches off the ground and often has four-wheel drive and a rough design. Naturally, though, there’s a bit more to it than that All-wheel drive

Most SUVs have all-wheel drive (4WD), which means that a single central motor can power all four wheels. On an ordinary passenger car, only two wheels are generally driven (front or rear). However, on a 4×4, they all are, which gives this type of vehicle a much better grip on the roadbed, making it ideal for driving off the beaten track, going on adventures, and towing heavier trailers.

Types of SUV :

The term SUV has only been around for a few decades and can sometimes be misused. Therefore, it is essential to distinguish between the following types of vehicles:

  • All-Terrain or 4×4:

An all-terrain vehicle excels in its simplicity and off-road performance. This model is ideal for going on adventures and exploring rough terrain. The Defender remain off-roader par excellence, even production has recently discontinued.

  • Crossover

This term often confused with the SUV, but crossover cannot consider full-fledged SUV. Compare it to raised minivan: the enlarged version of an average passenger car perched high on its wheels, equipped with a larger bumper and less off-road capability.

  • Compact SUV:

This is by far the most popular model. It offers enough interior space and comfort while retaining an authentic SUV’s sporty features and look. Land Rover SUVs are also always characterized by a raised seat, which offers a better view of the road and surroundings for the benefit of safety. A copy that outclasses the others is the Range Rover Evoque: the perfect example of a compact luxury SUV. The Discovery Sport also deserves to be among the premium compact SUVs.

  • Mid-Class SUV:

This type of SUV is more significant than its more compact sibling. This model also offers all the necessary luxury and off-road capabilities, like the new Range Rover Velar.

  • Large SUV:

The largest model in the series is equipped with, among other things, a huge trunk. Some SUVs can accommodate fewer than seven people and make ideal large family cars. This series finds the Discovery, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover.

The Features of an SUV

Typical Characteristics of SUV:

  • High-capacity engine.
  • All-wheel drive.
  • High ground clearance.
  • Longer wheelbase.
  • Somewhat box-like body.
  • High seating position.

Who Invented SUV?

The original was used essentially to transport commuters to and from train stations instead of getting kids to hockey practice. The granddaddy of today’s full-sized SUVs, Chevrolet, introduced its Suburban Carryall in 1935, making it the longest-known model in the auto industry. Like today’s version, though, the original two-door-only Suburban was based on a contemporary Chevy half-ton pickup chassis with an all-metal wagon body that could carry up to eight passengers.

Iconic Vehicles of SUV

One of the iconic vehicles we know today as the Jeep Wrangler was first sold to the public in 1944 as the Willys Civilian Jeep (or CJ) — a retail version of the Military Jeep used in the Second World War. Until the Wrangler (TJ in Canada) replaced it in 1987, the CJ-2 to CJ-8 Jeeps changed little in basic layout and functionality. Today, the Wrangler Unlimited remains the only new four-door convertible SUV you can buy.


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