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What is Electric Rollerblades-skateboard?

The first electric rollerblades in the globe are French. A startup has just developed a creative, electric helping hand system on rollerblades. Thanks to an innovation that modulates the power delivered according to the user’s speed, the system is perfectly developed, and the first electric skates could thus appear.

Everyone in turn! While the electric car is becoming adjusted on the planet (a battery that no longer needs to recharge is also declared), scooters and electric bicycles are an integral part of the current urban panorama. In addition, electric roller skates will now also join the dance.

A young Parisian startup has just developed an innovative integrated electric assistance system on rollerblades. The idea is very clever, and the process is highly reliable and efficient.

A Patented Invention Allows Skateboards to Benefit from Electric Rollerblades

Inline skates were still the only “gentle” means of transport after kick scooters, bicycles or even skateboards that did not benefit from electrical assistance. Therefore atmosGear is finally correcting this and the young Parisian startup’s first electric skates could soon be gliding down the sidewalks of our cities at high speeds.

Concretely, this Electric Rollerblades assistance works in two ways:

An easy way allows the user to start the motors with remote control. Buttons to speed up or slow down and contain the promised liberty is about 30km.However, the following way to use this electric skating assistance is to move by electric bicycles. Thus, the motor will accompany each impulse given by the leg. Here should make it possible, for example, to go faster or to climb a significant hill without too much effort.

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Note that these electrically assisted skates remain classic and that there is no balance. It is then up to you to keep your stable well, at the risk of sustaining a few falls. AtmosGear has just begun a tour of France to make such known, and sponsoring financing is in place.

Bluefin Hovershoes – Self Balance Electric Rollerblades

Intelligent E-Balance Gravity Technology

Featuring the latest innovative technology – The Hover shoes will automatically balance as soon as they turn on and you apply light pressure.

LED lighting and battery status indicator

Blue is the standard colour. Green means CHARGED – LET’S GO! The yellow light indicates low battery, and the red light means STOP! – Time to load! Thanks to intelligent lighting, you always know how the battery is doing.

Join the Bluefin; Crew Experience our latest E-Balance technology on your feet. With the Bluefin Hovershoes, you are trendy!

Including connecting rod for hoverboard conversion

Transform your overshoes into a traditional hoverboard with our handy connecting bar kit. hover shoes . Hoverboard – all in one!

Includes durable carrying strap

The hoverboard shoes are always with you, even when not used. Heavy-duty carrying straps on each side ensure you can take them with ease.

Cooler. Easier. Smarter.

  • Stylish look
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Robust design

Bluefin Hovershoes

Level up with the latest E-Balance technology from Bluefin. Hovershoes: The newest dimension of freedom and flexibility.

The perfect combination of skateboard, roller skates and hoverboard: Hovershoes offer an incredible riding experience. From beginner to professional trickster – with the Bluefin Hovershoes, you take it to a new level. With two separate motors, dual batteries and independent footplates, Hovershoes allow you to move more freely and creatively than ever before. The movement has never been so stylish and exciting.

  • The shoes work independently of each other. You can use one or both at the same time
  • Auto balance function when power on
  • LED lights
  • Heavy-duty strap on each shoe
  • Includes connecting bar to convert the shoes into a hoverboard
  • 5″ wide wheels with rubber coating
  • Maximum speed: 12 km/h
  • Range: 10 km


Electric roller skates Segway Drift W1 will pleasantly surprise its owner with a powerful built-in battery, one charge designed to cover a distance of up to 6 km. Another plus of the device is that it can easily withstand a load of up to 100 kg. The inner surface of the Segway Drift W1 has a special coating that prevents your shoes from slipping. You don’t have to panic about your protection even at night because these inline skates have a powerful backlight. You can use the gadget in any weather condition because it is not afraid of dirt and the harmful effects of moisture.

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