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 What Is Marketing-Function-Relationship-Strategy-Wrapping Up

The Word “Marketing” As Different People Understand Completely Different Things By It. Some use “marketing” as a fashionable analogue of the word “sales.” Selling is part of marketing, has a much broader meaning. Others understand this word as promoting and advertising goods and services. But, again, these elements are not limited in the market. Marketing is a generalizing concept that, among other things, determines the place of an enterprise in the retail of competitors. Its competitive advantages, and the choice by the enterprise of promising retail segments it plans to serve. And Marketing is a much deeper and broader concept than just promotion, advertising, and sales.

What is a Marketing Function in a Company?

Allowing you to identify promising market segments (and conscious rejection of retail segments with which we will not cooperate), retail also includes the relationship with customers selected for ourselves. Such communication, as a rule, should take place in the form of a dialogue, not a monologue.

Only after that is cost starting to formulate clear messages that would consider the interests of different categories of customers. Consumers must see this message through the most appropriate means relevant to the context. Creation and delivery of clear messages are carried out by the model “Three “M” in marketing For our enterprise to become successful, it is necessary to consider all aspects of marketing: strategic, competitor analysis, and positioning, market research, and, finally, conveying marketing theses to consumers. That’s all marketing is. Let’s make the most of what marketing offers to make our creative ventures even more successful.

1 What is the Role of Marketing in your Company?

Marketing significantly contributes to corporate management by positioning your company in terms of competitors and macro trends in environmental analysis.

In the market environment, marketing clarifies the company’s direction by responding to diversifying customer needs while responding to organizational changes in the market, such as IT and globalization. Therefore, it is a retail function in a company.

2. What is the Relationship Between Marketing Functions and Corporate Strategy?

Marketing must be develop and executed to match company-wide, business, and brand strategies. This is considered to make marketing strategies more effective by creating a stable management strategy and a consistent corporate image as a company.

For example, suppose a food manufacturer accidentally develops an attractive yeast-derived supplement while researching a new product. Should this be fully developed into the market as a supplement or a new product?

Suppose this food manufacturer thinks it should focus only on mainstay products such as bread and udon noodles as a business domain. In that case, it will give up on selling this new product in-house, yeast, discoveries, and related rights to other companies. Should sell.

Another factor is that this food manufacturer has not formed a sales channel in the supplement industry and does not like to divide its brand image from the customer’s point of veiw. On the other hand, if we can see this discovery as a good opportunity, we will create a new fusion framework of healthcare and food under the theme of “Food and Health Using Yeast” based on food and fresh yeast.

3. Marketing Functions and Relationships with Other Departments

The marketing function is to clarify the needs and expectations of such customers and integrate the operations of each organization to solve those problems. If they make what they want from the company’s point of view without knowing about the customer’s needs. They will not be seen as attractive because they do not provide any value from the customer’s point of view. To “make products that customers want and have them buy,” it is crucial to collaborate with the retail department, which understands customer needs. Still, it is closely involved in individual operations, constantly sharing marketing strategies from the customer’s point of view and providing further information to the department.

4. Organizational Strategy and Marketing Functions

In marketing, the organizational structure and human resources system are not directly related to the marketing area, but are factors that significantly affect execution. As I mentioned earlier, HR’s job is to provide an environment and people who can most effectively engage with the vision, mission, and values. It affects the of the company as a whole.

Especially when marketing and HR strategies do not match, there is a risk of confusion in the field. The point of view of the HR department, for example, the sales performance and the turn over of people and departments are used as personel evaluations. Morever, promotions, while marketing strategies set operating profit as the goal of achievement. This means that an efficient and fair personnel appraisal is not possible.

When field workers receive feedback that is not based on an honest evaluation, they may feel that their hard work and accomplishments are not recognize. This can lead to reduced motivation and confusion within the organization. So that the marketing strategy is implement effect. System aspects such as organizational structure, job design, human resources, staffing, etc, must be check for consistency. The axis of marketing strategy from a general perspective to Perspective. It is good change the axis of market strategy, there are many cases when changes are made to rules and internal mechanism. Therefore, it is necessary to make decisions based on current trends and the importance of marketing strategies.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we covered retail features. By grasping the position of retail in the company and coordinating with each department. We closely involved in each business always sharing strategies from the customer’s point of view and making further contributions to the department.


The market is the most impressive for all business spots. It is the heartbeat of all successful businesses. The research and practice of digital marketing are improving with the advancement of technology. The rise in technology fosters multifaceted opportunities and, at the same time, poses unprecedented challenges for marketers. The final step is your product in a way that will appeal and needs of your pick-out audience and encourage them to buy it.

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