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You Need To Know About Simon Leviev’s Daughter

Simon Leviev (Shimon Yehuda Hayut; September 27, 1990) is an Israeli con man convicts of theft, forgery and fraud. According to The Times of Israel, between 2017 and 2019. He defrauded around $10 million from victims across Europe in the Ponzi scheme. His criminal activity was made public in 2019 after investigative journalists from the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang publishes an article titling “The Tinder Swindler” with the support of Israeli journalist Uri Blau, then a Netflix documentary releases in 2022. same name. Leviev was sentencing to two years in Finland in 2015 and 15 months in Israel in 2019. As of 2019, he is still waiting in several countries on fraud charges.

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How Many Children Does Simon Leviev Have?

Leviev Has No Children

People think so because it was reported on Netflix’s Tinder Swindler that he told one of the women he cheated on that he was having a baby. Con artist Shimon Yehuda Hayut told one of the victims, Cecilie Fjellhøy, about her past and allegedly being a girl.

In the documentary, Cecily admitted she was emotional when Leviev spoke about his child, proving to be a proud father and a good person. Then it was revealed that his “little mother” and “daughter” had been faked as part of a scheme to trick Cecily into believing him. She claims in the documentary that it was all part of “something he said to her to convince her who he was.”

Does Simon Leviev Have A Daughter?

I remember mentioning Simon Leviev’s “daughter” and “baby mama” on Tinder Swindler. In short, Simon Leviev has no daughters.

Born in Shimon Yehuda Hayut, Leviev told one of his “girlfriends”, Cecilie Fjellhøy, about the family’s past, allegedly being a daughter.

In the documentary, Fjellhøy admitted that Hayut was emotional when talking about a child who turned out to be a proud father and a good person.

Then it was revealed that Hayut’s “baby mama” and “daughter” had been faked as part of a scheme to trick Fjellhøy into believing him.

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Who is Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev is the false identity of Shimon Hayut, born in Bnei Brak, Israel.

Hayut tricked women into thinking he was Leviev, the son of wealthy Israeli jet pilot and businessman “King of Diamonds” Lev Leviev.

However, the man in question has nothing to do with the Leviev family.

He used dating apps to trick European victims into living luxurious lives with money stolen from women.

The scammer promised to repay the victims for their generosity, but tricked them with fake brand name watches, invalid checks and refunded bank transfers.

At the time, Israeli, Swedish, British, German, Danish and Norwegian authorities wanted Hayut, but it was not for theft.

A fake passport brought him to Israel in July 2019, and he was ultimately convicts of theft, fraud and forgery.

Simon Leviev’s daughter – do you have it?

No, Simon Leviev doesn’t have a daughter. It is clear from the documentary that he does not have a daughter.  Pielhoy proved to be a good human being and a good father by confessing his emotional feelings when he asked Hayut about his child. They also learn that their daughter and Hayut’s baby mother were faking to trick Fjellhoy.

Nevertheless, in the true story, Simon Leviev is a real businessman and the king of diamonds with nine children. One of his children is the president of the American group Leviev.


From the above discussion, we learned that Simon Leviev is a fake person taking the name Shimon Hayut. He was a con man who cheated women for money. Despite the truth about Simon Leviev’s daughter, he has no daughters.

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