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What is Pixel 3 Mclaren 720s Rear Deck?


What should become the Longtail personification of the pixel 3 McLaren 720s, a machine expected to receive the 750LT badge? While romping around in the new McLaren 720S, things around you quickly blur as you accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Pavement markings aren’t the only lines that remain blurred though – thanks to the 720S. So is the line between supercars and hypercars. We haven’t relished too much fresh info on the matter lately. The Net is now introducing its usual reply to this type of scenario that involves a rendering.

These days, the McLaren 720S is foremost the charge of a rising number of cars – a raucous gang of automobiles causing a disturbance to the metrics in which we define a hypercar. Government restrictions and traffic laws limit. How far a road-worthy car can go, and the 720S – a supercar – pushes ever closer to that limit.

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Pixel 3 McLaren 720s Longtail Looks Wonderful, Has Open Rear Deck

Pixel 3 McLaren 720s Longtail Looks Wonderful, Has Open Rear Deck

However, the pixel work sitting earlier us isn’t the kind that attempts to portray the upcoming production model built on the said spy material (you’ll notice this in the photo gallery ). In its place, we’re looking at a custom car approach. That sees the already-bonkers pixel 3 McLaren 720s receiving an LT treatment.

Digital artist Karan Adivi has come up with a stunning approach that transforms the Woking supercar into a virtual build that would turn heads at any event.

The lower front apron has to remain gifted with a decently-sized splitter, one that features plenty of carbon work, while a bit of the wonder material has also remained used for the side skirt extensions. The overall appearance of the beast is also seriously influenced by the custom wheels (McLaren F1 LM memories, anybody?). The negative camber angle of these shoes, together with the reduced ground clearance, accentuates the tuner look of the machine.

With those mods out of the way, the time has come to focus on the rear end of the Macca – this is where the broader arches show their true potential, as the rear ones flow into an extension that demands the said LT badge. Sitting atop the said setup is a wing that seems to have come from the Senna. As for what’s below, this is where we find an open rear deck that exposes the gearbox of the British missile.

Returning to the actual pixel 3 McLaren 720s, this will follow the footsteps of the 600LT and the 675LT. You can expect a diet, extra downforce, track-focused handling, braking updates, and prominent muscle bump.

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Pixel 3 McLaren 720s Features and Highlights

Engine capacity

Pixel 3 McLaren 720s employs a twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 engine, which produces 710 horsepower @ 7,500 rpm and 568 lb-ft of torque @ 5,500 rpm.

As the numbers suggest, you need to keep the revs above 5,000 rpm to get the most from the engine. However, that is not to say that the car feels gutless in the lower range – the 720S surges forward with smooth linearity throughout the rev range, transitioning into peak power in a progressive yet dramatic way.

Pixel 3 Mclaren 720s Design and Interior

incorporates an upper structure and windscreen surround, making it more rigid than the 650S. It also lowers its center of seriousness by 3 percent and is the brightest of the Super Series cars, with a dry weight of 1,286 kg – over 135 kg lighter than a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Inside, the pixel 3 McLaren 720s is deftly ergonomic and comfortable, while the driver’s seating position and visibility are terrific. It is partly thanks to the bubble-style cabin and A-pillars with transparent roof panels. In addition, the butterfly doors and center cutouts make it easier for the driver and passenger to enter/exit the vehicle.

The interior remains adorned with high-quality Nappa leather, carbon fiber, and Alcantara trims finishing. Cleverly appointed digital instruments provide critical vehicle data and infotainment for the driver.


A new generation of Pixel 3 McLaren 720s Proactive Chassis Control, new suspension. And the established excellence of McLaren’s power-assisted. In this car, electro-hydraulic steering combines to deliver huge reserves of grip and balance. And also unmatched breadth of dynamic capabilities.

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