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What is a Twitter Landing Page? – Useful And More

A Twitter Landing Page is an entire web page explicitly created for traffic from a Twitter campaign.

A Twitter landing page is always better than sending visitors to your website or a generic product page. A dedicated landing page is perfect for sending any clicks you get from social media.

Why Should use a Twitter Landing Page

When somebody clicks on the link in your Twitter profile, they want to know about you and what you do. You can send them to your About Us page, but knowing they are visiting from Twitter gives you more chances for personalization. They may be used to hearing what you say in your Tweets, so there is a recognized tone that you can repeat on this page.

More benefits of a Twitter landing page:

  • It improved the message match. Like any landing page, your number 1 goal is to match the visitor’s expectation at the time of click to the knowledge upon arrival. A Twitter landing page lets you speak to people about a shared connection.
  • We are removing barriers to entry. You could introduce an extra click by introducing a landing page in the user pathway. However, when the path is clear and focused, this is less of a barrier and more of a supervision tool.
  • The personal touch: Twitter is a social media that probably creates a style diverse from the rest of your website. Use your Twitter landing page to make an intermediate experience that combines the punchy short-form character of your Tweets with a more expert demeanor.

Why use a Twitter post-click landing page?

  • It’s more effective at changing prospects than a general web page
  • It’s extra focused than sending them to the homepage of your website
  • It’s filled with fewer distractions than a maximum of the other pages on your site
  • You’re able to initiate the design to suit your target audience exactly

And in that respect, your cognition is no different than your mind for creating any other type of post-click landing page.

Who is it useful?

They are helpful for any brand with a social network presence. Whether that brand is personal, a small start-up, or a multinational corporation, Twitter post-click landing page traffic is vital to any social media advertising strategy.

Especially now, advertisers are seeing click-through rates up to 24% higher than on Facebook; enhancing your post-click landing page for Twitter traffic is vital if you want to capitalize on those clicks and maximize ROI.

When should you use it?

A dedicated page is essential to drive user action when running a Twitter campaign. It doesn’t matter if that campaign is organic or paid. If you’re tweeting a link to get your users off the social network to engross you, that link should direct them to a post-click landing page that is explicitly optimized for Twitter users.

How to design a Twitter post-click landing page

1.  Make sure the page is shareable

Add sharing buttons to your post-click landing page. Later, you know the viewers you’re catering to are already on social media. They’re social –sharing, tweeting, retweeting, and favoriting.

Knowledgeable social media users know that when they click a share button, they’ll have the chance to edit the message earlier, sending it out to their social network.

Inexpert social media users may feel uncomfortable clicking “share” when they think there’s a chance they might spam their friends and followers. So how do you alleviate that concern? Next to your social buttons, make it clear that the user can edit their message before they tweet out or share it on Twitter

Put your share buttons on your “thank you” page so that people who claim your offer can review it earlier and send it out to their network.

2. Use social proof to persuade

The social proof psychology value says that when people are inexact, they’ll most likely look to others for social guidance. To attach this concept for persuasion, marketers must first identify the uncertainties of their customers and then buffer accordingly with appropriate social proof.

3. Make every word count

Recollect, this is a Twitter audience you’re hosting, so they are used to digesting their content in 140 characters or less. Brevity is vital on any post-click landing page, but even more so on this one. explore has shown that up to 50 words’ readership drops significantly, so making every word count is essential.

Remember these four things when making content for your page

  • Make sure your headline is clear, brief, and answers “what’s in it for me?” for the reader
  • Numbers express louder than words – back up your copy with statistical results if possible
  • Create a call-to-action using an influential verb (bonus points if it’s in the first being)
  • Break up the writing using lists and bullets so that it’s easier to skim

4. Make sure your content matches

When a user clicks the link in your tweet and it takes to a page that doesn’t match your ad, they will feel duped. That’s why you would make sure all the content in your tweet matches the content on your post-click landing page, including

  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Copy
  • Images


Landing pages are precise online marketing tools with a high traffic conversion rate. A good landing page could provide the first impression to the user. A good landing page also builds brand image and trust.

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