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How to Install Fiori Apps Library?


Fiori apps library today, we are going to start with the Fiori Library; hence many people do not know what it means. To access it, SAP has a link (you can find it at the end). It provides all information about the Fiori Apps that all SAP consultants/users need to know. All you need to know to install any Fiori Apps is available in the Library. The Fiori Apps functionalities can find it there as healthy.

To admit it, you will use the link provided by SAP, and on the welcome page, you will find all the information you can see inside the Fiori Library.

What is Showing on the Main Page in Fiori Apps Library?

What is Showing on the Main Page in Fiori Apps Library?

On the main page of the Fiori Library, the total number of apps created will remain displayed until you offer all of these apps we can find in S/4HANA, depending on the S/4 version you are running. To say that information, you will have to click on ‘All apps, ‘ and then the number will remain displayed. So in our example, lower.

In your S/4HANA project, your customer might want to know the apps that will remain developed to the T-codes in SAP GUI. In our example, we can use the T-code F110 in the search option. So for that, we will type F110 and click search.

Below the F110, the Library will display all apps related to the T-code F110. For example, we will click on ‘Manage Automatic Payments/Schedule Payment Proposals.

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How Can SAP Support the Fiori App’s Library?

Starting from the top, we can see which SAP products this app runs, i.e., ‘SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, etc.’. Then, the required backend Product means the information will remain processed for the app. Finally, we have the front end (Fiori app) as the trigger of the data.

The line of business or LOB is a designation of SAP to identify the business process where this app runs. Per the description, this app remains connected to Finance, Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain. So, this is an app connected to incoming and outgoing payments.

In the Application Type, we can see for this Fiori apps library, ‘Transactional (SAP Fiori (SAPUI5))’, the ‘UI5’ is mainly developed for SAP mobility which means Fiori. UI5 is a framework based on the MVC pattern. By using this framework, a developer can quickly build a web application. UI5 uses web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. SAPUI5 is technology, whereas Fiori is a methodology. When we have the ‘SAPUI5’, we know this is a Fiori redesigned and utterly different from the SAP GUI T-code F110. I Device Types, this means where the app can run.

App ID is also essential information; when you are performing the user’s profile, you will need to keep the information to allow the users to display this app in the Fiori Launchpad. n case we have in the Application type ‘SAPGUI’ we know is the SAP GUI T-code running inside the Fiori.

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Fiori apps library the SAP Fiori apps reference library enables you to explore, plan, and implement SAP Fiori apps as well as classic applications based on SAP GUI and WebDynpro.

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